Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Really Neccesary........

But definitely more fun! Wearing cute workout clothes, that is. It feels good to have some decent workout clothes to exercise in. I think anytime we let ourselves look yucky, we don't feel as good as we could. Looking good always feels great, right? Even when you workout. Sometimes the Zumba and Hip Hop girls at Golds even coordinate the colors and clothes they are going to wear to class just for added fun. So, even though workout clothes are not something you have to have, it is something that makes working out more enjoyable.

I do think a good sports bra and a good pair of shoes are really important, though. Exercise can be a bit uncomfortable without a good bra and shoes!

There are all kinds of workout clothes out there. Some are quite expensive, but there are plenty that are affordable as well. Target and Old Navy have some cute things.You can even find a simple pair of yoga pants and a tank top at WalMart for under $20. Athletica, Lululemon, and Body by Brazil are higher priced, but have really cute stuff! I found some great tanks on sale at Sports Authority the other day. On sale is good!

It's fun to browse online especially on Pinterest to see what's out there. Here are some cute things ~

Great tanks!

Such a pretty tank from Athletica

I have these Nike Free Run 2 shoes and I LOVE them!

Comfy Yoga pants

More Nike Free Run 2 in purple and grey

 All the Hot Pink is so pretty ........

Well it is a cold and icy evening here and I have been cold all day! Tonight I am just going to relax and watch a movie. It's a perfect fire in the fireplace night too! I snapped a pic with my phone....

Have a cozy Friday night!

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