Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh How We Underestimate....

the amazing power of our minds and our thoughts. You might be thinking oh sure, sure, I've heard it all before. There are posters all over Pinterest or FB that say Believe, Live the life you love, and things like that. Maybe it seems silly or maybe we just think Oh that's a nice thought, but don't think seriously about it. Really though, it's true. So much of our success and our failures are determined by our thoughts, our focus, and what we believe. If there is something we desire in our lives I believe that our mind plays a huge part in achieving it.

God gave us wonderful, amazing, minds and spirits that are so much more powerful than we know. You know how some people just carry that negative, bad energy with them and how the mood can totally change when they are around? It just shows how powerful our energy, our thoughts, and our attitudes are.

I really believe that when we focus hard on something, envision it, meditate on it, and believe that it's possible then even the most seemingly impossible things can happen. Here is an example....A person struggling to lose weight starts to visualize the healthy, thinner version of themselves every day. Taking the time and energy to focus on that thought each day as if you already are that thinner person can change your whole day. It would change how you work out, what you choose to eat, and how you feel about yourself. Over time you will become that person. Our minds are extraordinary!
Have you ever made a vision board? I haven't, but I am going to. Here are some examples of vision boards that other people have made......

I love these! I also like this picture Nicole Wilkins created for her goals for July...

Here is some more info on vision boards for you.

If you want to be inspired these books are great........ The Power, The Secret, Change Your Brain Change Your Body

Imagine the things we could do and the people we could be if only we learned to use our minds!!!! It's actually pretty exciting! Also remember to take time to pray! God cares about the desires of our hearts and is ultimately in charge! He is the one that gave us our awesome minds and powerful spirits! Keep thinking about this....

I think I will start gathering things for my vision board. Hope you all have a wonderful day full of happy and positive thoughts!

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  1. Such a great idea! I always run on my treadmill with the Athleta catalog pics taped to my wall for inspiration. I like your idea better because it applies to all parts of life. :)


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