Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One of My Favorite Rooms

Our gym is one of my favorite rooms in the house! A couple of years ago this room was a sitting room across from the living room. We all decided that it would be so nice to turn it into a gym instead. I'm so glad we did! It is so convenient to have this space to work out in. We use this room so much more now. I usually do 3 of my weight days in here, some cardio, and my ab workouts. The TRX is an awesome workout too. I use the TRX mostly for abs. Those are STL Cardinals seats from the old stadium under the mirrors. I think they look pretty neat in here.

A step and the Bosu.

Punching bag, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight bench and some magazines.

TRX and the treadmill...

The TV and Bose. Gotta have music in here of course! There are the stability balls sitting on the treadmill.

 These pvc pipes are used to practice overhead squats. These squats are harder than they look! I am going to keep working at doing them with proper form and then I want to try adding weight. I need to work on not leaning so far forward and getting much lower. It takes such core and leg strength and flexibility as well. You have to lock your elbows and keep your arms back too. Whew! A great challenge!
 My eyes are lookin kinda of crazy!

Every time I do these I just want to keep doing them over and over to see how low I can go! It helps to do these up against a wall so that you keep from leaning so far forward. Also putting a low stool or step behind you to go low enough to lightly touch with your butt helps. Here are some pictures of overhead squats.....
 They get pretty low!
Anyway, grab a piece of pvc pipe and give it a try! Here's a video for ya.....


  1. We would love to have a gym at our place! Looks like a wonderful space for a work out!! Keep up the great squats!

  2. Great workout room! That would probably be one of my favorite room too. I have a front living room and a dinning room that just sits there and looks pretty! I have thought about turning my dinning room into a workout room. All my equipment is in the garage for now :)
    Ok so these squats are definitely a challenge as it limits your ROM and its and challenge to your core as you said. Its been a while since I have done these. Thanks for sharing them. I think I will do some of these this week!


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