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Improving Our Creative Mind Power!

A man's mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind. - James Allen

Mind Power Brain What do you really know about your brain? Most of us don't realize the power that is packed within that 2-4 pound wonder between our ears. A mass of complex and complicated intelligence, our brain is simply amazing. And the power within, our mind power, is just as amazing.

Some interesting facts about the brain:
  • The brain consists of about 100,000 miles of blood vessels
  • Approximately 10 million cells die off and are re-created every second
  • The brain is about 80% water
  • Your brain is approximately 2% of your total body weight, yet uses 20% of your oxygen intake, 35 - 40% of total calories consumed, and about 20% of your total blood flow
  • The brain itself has no nerve receptors for pain. Neurosurgeons can actually probe a brain while the patient is awake!
  • Brain function continues to develop into the mid 20's
  • There are about 100 billion neurons in the average adult brain
  • The brain is more active at night than in the day
  • Brain receptors generate about 25 watts of power when you're awake, enough to turn on a lightbulb!
  • Brain exercises create new pathways and neural connections

Impressive right? This just barely scratches the surface of what the brain is and what our mind power can do.
Considering this power of the mind, if someone asked you what you thought to be the most powerful force in the entire universe, what would your answer be?
Love? Emotion? Inventions like the atomic bomb? All are connected to your brain. But what is mind power? The answer may surprise you.
It is your thought.
Every idea starts as a thought, which means every great achievement ever created started in someone's head. We take for granted the amazing perplexity of this fact. When you look at a beautiful cathedral or witness a great victory; at some point, it was nothing more than a dream, an idea, a thought. Yet that thought was worked and cultivated into greatness.
What does it take to channel our thoughts to achieve this greatness?
First, it takes realizing that our minds have unlimited potential. Whatever we have in our thoughts to achieve, we can absolutely make happen. We just have to follow the right course. That course differs from one idea to the next, but one thing remains the same: We must cultivate and develop our mind power to bring our ideas to fruition.
How many of us go day to day, not ever giving a second thought as to what our mind is going through? To each of us, there is a daily grind of responsibilities that we must do. We create habits and put our lives on auto-pilot, not ever considering we do all these things without ever really thinking about them.
What about important things our minds automatically take over, such as an ever-pulsating heart, our breathing, eyelids that blink instinctively to protect our eyes, and an incredible immune system designed to fight off the myriads of pathogens that are always on the attack. Imagine if we had to think and concentrate on doing these things every day. It would be exhausting if at all possible.
We give our brain little credit for the amazing amount of work it does, yet it continues tirelessly.
Just as our brain can do these incredible things for our bodies, it can also create incredible things in our lives. Each thought we think creates a vibrational energy. That energy attracts its likeness.
We have the abilitiy to be or achieve virtually anything we can dare to think. The problem most of us run into is we choose to believe we are limited. Yet we are only limited by our own thoughts.
If we desire to change some aspect of our life, we must first change our thoughts, because our reality is shaped by those thoughts. If we want a new and changed life, we must cultivate a new and changed mind. We do this through developing our mind power.
Be sure the thoughts you continue to think are what you want your life to become, for as sure as you think it, it will become your reality.
Just like our bodies, our brains need exercise. When we undertake to accomplish a physical task, we know we must physically work to accomplish our goal. The brain works in the same way, only the work that is required is mental. In order to accomplish these tasks we must concentrate on the thing desired.
Methods like affirmations, creative visualization and meditation are mental exercises aimed at developing our mind power. These methods provide a pattern of exercise where each thought is cultivated through repetition and concentration. After the mind has been trained to hone in on a specific goal, physical action provides the boost needed to complete the task.

Any time you break your usual routine, you enable brain cells to create new pathways and connections. The secret to keeping your brain sharp is to always be changing things up, which will strengthen your mind power.
So, broaden your horizons, so to speak. Your brain will thank you for it.
Try these simple brain exercises:
  • Memorize something; a poem, story or song
  • Do crossword puzzles
  • Figure out a challenging riddle
  • Read the dictionary
  • Learn a new 'word of the day' and memorize the meaning
  • Learn to play an instrument (ok, not so simple, but really good for your brain)
  • Play a board game
  • Play a physical game (basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.)
  • Engage in a debate
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Anything besides the norm (you get the idea)
Victor Hugo, the famous french poet and playwright, said: "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
Indeed! Mr. Hugo understood the process of achieving success through his use of mind power. He recognized the potential within himself and went to work to cultivate it and acquire greatness.
There have been countless people throughout history who have come to understand this awesome power of the mind. They have achieved greatness beyond expectation.
Isn't it now our turn?

~ Taken From "Creating Positive Change"

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