Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Already Wednesday Again?

Man a week sure flew by! Oh and Happy 4th of July!!! I am so thankful to live in this amazing, wonderful, awesome country! I'm looking forward to relaxing and celebrating today.

I am also linking up at The Pleated Poppy for WIWW again. I wore some pretty basic, simple outfits this week. Nothing fabulous or exciting. I think I need more places to go so I can wear some cute outfits!

 I wore this pink skirt and black tank to work on Thursday. The main thing for me this week was to stay cool! It is way too hot right now! I'd really like to just wear my pj shorts and a tank top every day!

I wore my black capris and this blue tank from Target when we went to see Magic Mike on Sunday. Good movie! :-) Sorry about the kind of blurry pic.

This red shirt from Target over a white tank with my black capris is what I wore on Monday to work. Can you tell I shop at Target an awful lot? Love Target! I pretty much wear flip flops every day in the summer. These are my favorite silver sparkly ones from Journeys.

Trying on hats in Target in my favorite comfy S2 Faction t-shirt. I should have bought that black hat :-) Well I am off to enjoy the day! There is a cupcake with my name on it ( just one!) Here is a little motivation to keep you going with your health and fitness this week. These little reminders always help me!

Have a HAPPY HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!


  1. Yes, you should have bought the black hat. So cute on you.

  2. Love the pink skirt and your pony tail is super cute. Where do you work that you can dress so casually? I'm totally jealous!!

  3. Oh I love Target way too much!!! You have got some great comfort wear.I hear ya on the heat. I will do anything to stay cool. Summertime in Vegas is miserable. We live in the pool! Hope you have a great 4th and enjoy that cupcake! You have earned it!

  4. Hi, thanks for swinging by.You look adorable. You can probably get the hat on clearance after the holiday ;) I was reading your about me, wow, what an inspiration.


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