Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wise Words and I'm Headin South

Oxygen magazine is one of the magazine's that I buy each month and really enjoy reading. The publisher of Oxygen magazine, fitness legend Robert Kennedy recently passed away. We met his wife Tosca Reno at The Arnold Festival in March this year.

 The current issue of Oxygen is a tribute to Robert Kennedy and there is an article about his last book Bull's Eye. It's not really about fitness, but more about success in your career and overall in your life. I like the title of the article about his book "Don't Live a Maybe Life". I also really like this bit of the book that was shared in this article.

*Never set a goal without attaching a timeline to it.
*Learn as much as you can each day.
*Work your socks off, but make sure you are working on what's important.
*Persist until you succeed, and the keep going, never stand still.
*Let go of the past and start realizing your true capabilities.
*Expect to win.
*Write down what you want and review it in the morning and before bed. See and feel yourself as already having achieved your goal.
*Banish all negative thoughts. Expect success and that's what you'll get.
*Stick it out-finish every job.
*Surround yourself with positive people.
*Remember that life is short. Mend bridges and make the most of being with family and friends-NOW!


 I think I will buy his book. Looks like one that I would like!

This is totally unrelated to Bull's Eye or Oxygen magazine, but do any of you watch The Bachelorette? Well it's totally obnoxious and ridiculous and I cringe half of the time that I'm watching it. I also fast forward through bits, but I still have to watch it and it's getting better as it gets closer to the end. Well I just have to say that I have a crush on one of the guys, Sean Lowe. Here he is.....

 and he lives in McKinney, Texas. That's the town I want to move to. Maybe things won't work out with The Bachelorette girl. That would be great! Then I'll be headin' South :-) Hee hee!

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  1. Wow didn't know about Robert. I love that magazine too. BTW you look fabulous. What an amazing transformation loosing over 60 lbs! Thanks for stopping by. following you back and look forward to more of your posts :)



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