Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Fitness Pal

This week has flown by! I feel like it's been really busy. I'm feeling a little frazzled today. I hate when something gets me off schedule and the whole day feels thrown off. I have been transferring over my phone and the kids phones to our new iphone 4S. I am loving my new phone and can't wait to have time to sit down and look for some cool new Apps. I thought I'd share an App that is really good that Paige has used for a while now. It is My Fitness Pal

I have it on my phone, but don't use it that much. It's a good one though, and can be very helpful for anyone tracking calories and exercise as well as looking up nutritional info. Anyway, my day has not gone as I planned and I skipped my workout. Hate when that happens! Oh well, I will not take tomorrow off like I usually do to make up for it. I sure am in a Spring mood lately. Maybe it will come early this year! I'm ready for sundresses and flip flops.

Have a great Thursday!

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